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In the name of total living selection.
This is the trademark of the Cumini Group, an exclusive benchmark in the luxury fashion, design and accessories sector, for an international clientele in search of uniqueness.
Cumini is sought by clients not only from Italy, Austria, and Germany, but also from the Arab Countries, United States and across Europe, who wish to develop exclusive “made-to-measure” and particularly customized designs.”

The Group avails of 50 commercial representatives, and sets itself as a real icon of all that regards trends, glamour and style.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia there are seven Cumini boutiques that distinguish themselves for the uniqueness of their offer: Cumini FashionCumini City Man, Cumini City Woman and Cumini City Accessories for the world of clothing and accessories; and Cumini CasaCumini Store and Cumini Emporium that cater to home ware.

Cumini was founded in 1948, and thanks to the foresight and passion of Mario Cumini, textile entrepreneur, in 1976 the Company later diversified its own business to enter new markets with the opening of two boutiques, the Cumini Home and Cumini Tailoring in Gemona, Friuli (Udine), dedicated to the furnishing and fashion sectors, respectively.
Immersed in the green hills of Friuli, the establishment covers an area which is still very vital today in Italy, and really one of a kind for its vastness, equivalent to about 10,000 sq. m divided between showrooms and warehouses, and also from the standpoint of the wealth of solutions offered.
What was defined as the region’s “center of excellence for glamour and lifestyle” is today the ideal stage for glamour events and exclusive fashion shows for its clientele.


The Group’s continual growth and development both in terms of volumes and market positioning, led to the opening in 1993, of the Cumini Emporium, the first boutique in the city centre of Udine, that offered very unique design solutions.

In 1996, three years later, the Cumini Fashion store was inaugurated next to the preexisting Cumini Casa sales point in Gemona, Friuli. This operation, in fact, marked the birth of a real luxury shopping centre completed in 2005 with the opening of the Cumini Store.

The opening of Cumini City and Cumini City Accessories in Udine, trace back to 2006 and 2007, respectively, and which in 2014, further branched out into Cumini City Woman and Cumini City Man with the opening of another store in the fashion sector. The objective was to strengthen the brand’s presence in the Friuli capital: three authentic fashion labs rich in stylistic charm that also offer other options, where the creations of great stylists coexist with the offers of emerging brands.
In 2010, Cumini Gemona’s display area was further extended to host the travelling exhibit of the “Compasso D’Oro” promoted by the ADI (Industrial Design Association) focusing on Italian Friuli design and the young designers. The aim was to reunite the region’s young artists who wished to exhibit their works in the dedicated space of the Cumini Gallery.
Due to the success of this initiative, Cumini has become a new reference point for cultural initiatives.

In the same year, Cumini entered into a partnership with the fashion magazine, “GQ Style,” a collaboration between two great realities: the prestigious publication addressing the male public and the excellence of the stores in Italy. This idea was developed in cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Fashion, the association that gathers the best multi-brand stores in Italy, and which acknowledged the quality of the sector with the “The Best Shops” nominations, following a selective assessment of all the Italian entities. The event was launched with an elegant and exclusive cocktail party in the Cumini store facility of Gemona, where various guests of the prestigious Condé Nast publishers were welcomed.

To conclude, Cumini ended the year successfully, and ranked second in the selection of the Italian Global Innovator Award, which aimed at promoting the leading world distribution companies. The jury, composed of critiques, journalists and experts, gave Cumini a positive vote and defined it as “a fascinating company, also thanks to an integrated management cutting across all the marketing mix features, which has built a strong and innovative brand identity of great impact, and a coherent contemporary image that explores the various sectors of daily living.”

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